Writers write.

On January 1, I made a pact with myself. If I didn’t start writing, I would have to stop calling myself a writer.

I was talking about writing. Making outlines and plans. Jotting notes and then chasing them. I download Scrivner, a writing program, to try to keep notes and write a book. Oh, the learning curve. I tinkered around with creating websites on different platforms. I lost a domain name.

I wrote on scraps of paper in strange circles. I started a million journals. I’m strangely addicted to paper and fancy pens.

But I wasn’t really gaining any ground on my writing. Until, I started making myself write every single day.

Today, is my 101st post here at TotallyKris.com. (I mistakenly thought this would be my 100th post.) It’s quite an accomplishment for me.

There are only 264 days left in the year. Goal is to keep reposting every day.

Because writers write. And, I am a writer. ❤