As in refuse to accept. I repudiate what others think about me.

After all, it’s none of my business.

I try to live like this. Yet, I’m often shocked when others don’t see things my way, think well of me, or flat out don’t like me. (I know, right? Can you imagine? I’m sure you can.)

Beth Moore’s book, Believing God, was helpful to me because of one thing. She said that one of the things we should know deep down and remember is: I am who God says I am.

Not what the scale says. Not what the boss says. Not what my degree or bank account or paycheck says. Not what the color of my hair says. I. Am. Who. God. Says. Kris. Is.

You are who God says you are.

And, the sacredness in you cries out to the sacredness in me. The Jesus in you, sees the Jesus in me.

I know I’m human — a sinner saved by grace. I’ve got hopeless flaws and a curious mind. Sometimes it’s too curious and I ask the wrong people the wrong questions. I’m a serious mess of a work in progress.

I am also where God has brought me from and where She’s bringing me to. For now, I simply press on. ❤