Writing this blog is honing my research skills.

I find myself reading — not so much for pleasure — but for fodder for the blog. It’s always hungry, always looking for content, a pure protein diet that needs meal prep.

I also find myself going down rabbit warrens, in circles, and basically questioning everything.

Every. Single. Thing.

Library in San Miguel, Mexico
I love libraries. Here’s a photo of the library in San Miguel, Mexico. (Photo credit: Me, April 2017)

Is that accurate? Is it true? Is it edifying? Is it simply silly and needs to be share? Is it kind?

And, the biggest one of all, am I being authentically me?

Sometimes, I confess, I’m writing only because I said I can do it for 365 days. Here I am at 60 days and now I’m thinking I need a plan.

Lent is coming. I’m excited about that. I read somewhere that the word Lent means Springtime. Bring on the sunscreen. ❤