Okay, Merriam-Webster doesn’t let me by with this word, but the Oxford English Dictionary does, as long as I use a hyphen.

Re-enliven means to give new life or energy to something.

Our compost bin was definitely in need. It’s supposed to smell earthy, be damp, and alive with good worms and fungi. It’s food for other soil and makes your garden grow that much better.

Our bin was dead.

We needed something to re-enliven it. We searched and searched for Planet Natural online and order some good ole earthworms to liven things up.

Thanks to FedEx these came to the house yesterday.

Keck and I put them in the bin. We’ll keep working to make the compost come alive as it processes and recycles dead things.

I sometimes wonder if I’ll get struck by lightning for some of the analogies I make. Yet, I have to wonder does my soul need a bag of worms to digest dead things and make them come alive again? ❤