{Re}lease: Time to let it go

This blog post was originally published on October 19, 2016. It’s still in the archives but I thought that bringing it back at this juncture might be fitting.

I’m gutted.

Beth Moore stole my thunder.

The {re} prefix was all mine.

Her voice is admittedly bigger than mine, and when she talks many people listen to her. In a world cluttered with Christian bloggers and writers I really didn’t think that mine could be heard. I kept my thoughts in confinement. Wrote for only a small group of people.

Talked and talked and talked.


Wrote again words on pieces of paper and researched {re} words endlessly.Nagged every Latin scholar I knew about what {re} was all about.

Ignored the echo in my mind again and again.

Then a writer friend of mine, posted Beth Moore’s article, Re: The Most Beautiful Prefix in History. Her point about the agains of God was the crux of something the Lord has been knocking on my heart about for months.

The Lord is a Lord of again.

It’s time to release it.

Release means to free from confinement, bondage, obligation, pain, or to let go. It’s a word of again just as its Latin origin suggests. Its original meaning — to stretch out again or to loosen.

I guess you might say that Beth Moore’s words have been the encouraging balm she meant to pen — at least for me. She’s spurred me on to bravely release what God has given me. To boldly share the agains in his Word as I see them.

While they include the redeems, returns, revives, and renews Mrs. Moore mentions, mine take a few twists and turns. And shake loose a few obscurities.

I’m sure the Lord will nudge me again and again and again.<3