The Again in {Re}st

Today is Epiphany. It’s also the first Sunday of 2019.

I was totally wiped out last night. I slept harder and rested better than I have in a while. It was good to be home. Perhaps this day spent binge-watching television shows in my pajamas was what I needed to gear up for the first full work week of the year.

Which led me to an epiphany. (I know this isn’t the real meaning of Epiphany. It’s usually the time of year we have breakfast for dinner and plan on taking down the Christmas Decorations.)

I snapped this photo of my friend’s backyard, it was a beautiful reminder of rest to me.

Rest is an again word that fascinates me.

Exodus commands us, “Remember the Sabbath day to set it apart as holy.”

Jewish rules back in the day condemned Sabbath breakers to death. This seems harsh. But even now when we refuse to rest, we bring on ourselves a little bit of death.

It seems to me that the whole world is looking to find rest. Way back in college when I studied the “greying of America” I learned that someday sleep would become a luxury. That someday is now.

It’s an important topic, this idea of rest. It’s so important to me that my epiphany was to spend 52 of my again words delving into the idea of rest, it’s sacredness to my life and how understanding it gives life.