A good journalist values the sacred trust of her confidential sources. Some journalists are even sent to jail for refusing to reveal said sources.

I’m not a journalist. And, nothing I’m about to tell you is confidential.

I’m a blogger, and I want to reveal some of my resources. Especially the ones I’m most likely to use here.

From a 2018 trip to New York City, a traipse through the New York Public Library.

New English Translation Bible

The New English Translation Bible is my go to resource for all the scriptures I use here at totallykris.com — unless I specifically note I’m using another translation.

I like this translation because it has 68,000+ notes and commentary. I have had my current copy since 2012 and it’s big and thick like a brick. The additional definitions and usage notes open up my understanding.


I’m no designer. Canva’s free tools, layouts, and photos help me create complementary artwork for my posts, which also work well with social media.

If you’re looking for design elements and have no experience in design, this is a solid tool that’s easy to use. You’ll be up and going in no time. You can even use your own photos and I like that because it really makes my posts more authentic.

Merriam Webster App and Website

Because I have to look up the difference between complimentary and complementary, and a plethora of other words and synonyms: Merriam Webster.

Mostly though, because Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries by Kory Stamper. It was the most fun book I read in 2018. Pick it up and you’ll forget all about that other dictionary app.

These three tools are my primary, go-to, get-from-anywhere-with-wi-fi resources. I have other tools, too, that tie me to home — and I’m not always there when inspiration strikes.