How I met Margaret …

Last year, I hunted for a writer’s conference to attend.

Something that would speak to me in a brand new way. Something that would allow me to dig in and dig deep for nuggets of truth.

Something that might  kick me in the seat of the pants and compel me to stop staring at blank computer screens and pieces of paper and share the things inside.

Enter a first-ever writer’s conference in Colorado, Writers Boot Camp.

Not long after I spotted the offer on social media. I received a text from a friend. “This is the right one,” the message said. I hastily enrolled.

That’s where I met Margaret Feinberg and Jonathan Merritt and a host of other wonderful editors and writers. (Soon I’ll share a list of all the truly talented bloggers and authors I’m now following and reading!)

I learned so much.

Have spent nearly three months assimilating all the information and tactics and ideas.

I made so many new friends. And, even convinced a new colleague to acquire a baseball cap from the Colorado School of Mines for my nerdy-he-man. You know who you are, Arnie!

Already in awe of Margaret’s talent as a writer from her study, “The Sacred Echo” and her book, “Wonderstruck,” I’ve been waiting for her newest release, “Fight Back with Joy.”

I received my book quickly and begin to read it.


I should have known by meeting the real deal.

Joy is steal-strong.

A deep, long drink of living water.

Sustenance with no added sugar.

A long obedience in the same direction.

Joy is a discipline. A conscious choice.

FBWJ_combo_1024x1024Margaret’s story of fighting back with joy stems from a fight that found her – a breast cancer diagnosis. The pain of a cancer diagnosis is one that many understand. Yet, even if your life seems charmed – real, deep abiding joy is something to be pursued.

My word for the year is MORE.

I think I’ll start with more joy!

Find Margaret’s combo book and study guide, and 6-session DVD study. #FightBackWithJoy